Annals of Psychophysiology

Annals of Psychophysiology (APP) is the semi-annual journal of the Advance Educational Institute & Research Centre’s psychophysiology program. It provides a platform for scientific contributions on all aspects of psychophysiology with emphasis on the psychophysiology of health and disease with sub-themes covering environmental and sports psychophysiology 

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E: ISSN: 2412-3188 | P: ISSN: 2410-1354

APP is an open-access journal committed to maintaining high standards through rigorous peer-review. The journal has three sections: A review of the year’s advances in some aspect of psychophysiology, a theme section containing invited articles concentrating on an emerging area of psychophysiology, and a section on original contributions to the field.


Prof. Dr. Richard Sherman, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Sherman received his doctorate in psychobiology from New York University in 1973. He has accrued over thirty years of experience ..

Most Downloaded

Changes in the process used to critique articles based on Psychophysiologically Based Research Studies
Association between satisfaction with life and caregiver burden, among psychiatric patients
Relationship of functional dyspepsia with mental and physical stress
A review of the literature on the impact of acute and chronic stress upon brain waves
Problems with the continued proliferation of unsubstantiated psychophysiological techniques being promulgated and sold for clinical use
The chaos of healing: Risking mental health amid COVID19 in Pakistan

Continuing Education

International Conference on

This conference is designed to build a network of scientific community that can work together to make a real difference to the society towards mental wellbeing. As there is a low ratio of scholars pursuing their career in research specifically research related to brain and body connections in developing countries like Pakistan, we want to educate and familiarize early career students who have common interest in brain and psychophysiology and to help them in exploring there future dimensions.



Clinical Psychophysiology Elective Diploma Program

The Clinical Psychophysiology Elective Diploma Program is a credit (30-credit) curriculum designed to train professionals in psychophysiological interventions and assessments. It will equip participants with the practical use of specialized tools for conducting psychophysiological studies and practice. The program has components related to basic, clinical and applied levels with a focus on psychophysiological processes, measures and interventions for both research and clinical use. This program is the first step towards becoming a professional psychophysiologist. “This is the first time such a program has been designed to meet the needs of people in developing nations such as Pakistan.”