• Prevalence of Suicidal Ideation and Suicidal Cognition among the Local Population of Karachi, Pakistan
  • Prevalence of Compulsive Sexual Behavior/Hyper Sexuality Disorder and Its Psychological
  • Manifestations in Youth
  • Pain, Self-Medication and Administration of Over-The-Counter Analgesics: An Observational Study
  • Relationship of Physical stress and hypertension among Cardiovascular Disease Patients
  • Prevalence and Characteristics of Stress Among Bereaved Parents After the Death of Their Under-Five Children in The Urban Slums of Karachi, Pakistan
  • Physical, Emotional and Catastrophizing Upshots of Chronic Pain the Study On Pain Stress
  • Life Hassles; Cause and Effect Relations among Diverse Age Groups
  • Inevitable Scars; A Study on Traumatic Verbal, Emotional and Physical Abuse Distressing Females
  • Catastrophizing Pain; A More Feminine Characteristics of Pain & Discomfort
  • Examining the Social and Cultural Barriers Present for Women Seeking Healthcare in Rural Communities of Karachi, Pakistan
  • Nutritional Stress as an Adverse Effect of Anti-Diabetic Medications
  • Chemical stress as a consequence of prolong drug use, a study on chronic health condition.
  • Obesity as a noticeable cause of physical stress; a study on relationship of physical exertion and
  • cardiovascular parameters
  • To Evaluate the Relationship between Social Anxiety & Life-Satisfaction among Adolescence in Karachi
  • Physical Stress during Menstrual Cycle; A Study On Pain, Discomfort & Exhaustion
  • Identification And Management Of Neuropathic Pain As A Physical Stress.
  • Role of Oxidative Stress & Glycation of Hemoglobin in Relation with Pathophysiology of Neuropathic Pain.
  • Pathophysiology & Management Of Ischemic And Neuropathic Pain
  • Mental stress decreases with older age in Karachi, Pakistan
  • Emotional stress estimation in general population
  • Postraumatic Stress Diorder In Karachites Due To Random Events Of Violence
  • Role of stress in progression of migraine.
  • Incidences of developing eating disoreders due to binge eating.
  • Assessment of major physical stressors and its psychophysiology; a comprehensive review.
  • Mental, behavioral and physical effects of power enhancing drugs in chronic users.
  • Role of tens therapy in neuropathic pain.
  • Novel Stress Evaluating Tool; Sadaf Stress Scale (SSS), Tested So Far On Pakistani Population.
  • Psychological effects of using power-enhancing drugs on gym-exercising individuals.
  • Comparative effects of Caffeine & L-theanine consumption on subjective cardiovascular signs and neurophysiological responses.
  • Sorts and sources of stress in Pakistan; a comprehensive outlook.
  • Psycho -social stress as a risk factor for cognitive Decline in houswives.
  • The major apprehensions in young chronic cigarette smokers to quit smoking.
  • The influence of exercise on physical and mental fitness of exercising young males.
  • Electricity load shedding as a major cause of fierceness, anxiety and impaired intellectual functions.

  • Suicide; A Manic Engulfing Youth
  • My brand is gratefulness what’s yours????? The warmth and care I give is from my natural world within…
  • Mind Body & Soul Harmony
  • Neurological Disturbances Caused by Nutritional Deficit
  • Suicidal Behaviors; Silent Screams of Pain….
  • Generalized review of the successes & challenges of medicine; an insight of the past, present and future prospects
  • Youth Unemployment
  • Sadaf Stress Scale; Reviewed Version tested on Pakistani Population
  • The Lost Existence (A vicious and un-ethical do).
  • Color Perceiving; A Psychophysiological Basis Of Colors.
  • Are Undergraduates A Vulnerable Research Subjects? - An Ethical Concern.
  • Healthy Moms, Healthy Child, Happy You.
  • Emotional Feelings & Behaviour: A Matter Of Well Being
  • Nutritional hassle; why we need solutions???
  • Pain; A Health Burden, A Research Ambiguity!!!
  • An attempt to reveal the female health apprehensions and expected health maladies in metropolitan city.
  • Health science research and dimensions from bench to bedside.
  • Most Needed Sanitation Of Minds!!!!
  • The Miracle Vitamin for your Mood

Nuts & Bolts of Research

In constantly changing socio-political situations with increased vulnerability to many of the ethical issues the research in developing country like Pakistan must be responsive to the needs of the country that can produce outcomes with extraordinary value for the health and welfare of the community. Research is of critical relevance for emerging and developing countries to maintain health and social system. It not only helps to create novel information for original knowledge & development but also provides evidence for policies and decisions for future development. Advance Educational Institute & Research Centre is aware of the importance of research & its necessity for imminent Pakistan. Lack of research methodology training programs and the absence of qualified researchers have already delayed the process of development in the region. This book is a small but provoking effort to set the paradigm, starting from young minds and beginners which is an ingenuity itself. This book is compiled with the aim to give a brief but vibrant image of tools, methodologies and ethical conducts that form the foundations of research.

Psychophysiology of Stress

This book is an effort of Advance Educational Institute & Research Center in the account of psychophysiology of stresses that were identified and recognized by psychophysiology research division to take action in the account of physiological alterations, behavioral change and social aptitude. It will provide guidance on ways in which changes and modification in behavior can be brought about, and on the intervention techniques that can be used for this purpose. It will cover with special attention to the stressors in society that are influencing us in both positive & negative ways, different types of stresses and its evaluation. The special emphasis will be on neuropsychological aspects and physiological features of stresses and their role in the growth and development of mind and body. The book includes all-encompassing topics that can cause stress along with moderators of processes, such as social support and personality affect populations & how societal stigma, fear and mistrust can lead to develop chronic stress. Indication of some coping strategies is also included.

  • Emotional well being; A necessity of mind.
  • Do nutrition cause stress?? Review your diet
  • An overview of psychosocial stress; do people disturb you??
  • Traumatic stress; a myth or fact
  • Psychosocial sustenance plans for Action
  • Psychosocial & mental health for working in areas hit by violence in children
  • Community mental health awareness; missive to parents & caregivers
  • Youth Behavioral Development
  • Female education independency and evolving ideologies.
  • Early Marriage; Psychosocial & Health burden.
  • Manual of Sadaf Stress Scale (SSS).
  • Dilemma of Mental stress
  • Grasping Physical Stress; A Step towards Your Health
  • Migraine A Mystery

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