It is due to contemporary significance of psychophysiology in research and clinical settings that highlights its many contributions to the assessment and diagnosis of physical disorders. Moreover, in recent era of health sciences its role is well known in providing framework for extending psychophysiological insights to other areas of physiology and neuroscience e.g. Psychophysiology in sports sciences, psychophysiology in cardiology, Applied Psychophysiology, Nursing & Psychophysiology etc. We have proposed this initiative that can further take learners and associates globally to opt for technical and professional programs and can start their careers at entry-level positions working in research, clinical or community setups.


  • Learning and implementing psychophysiology study programs
  • To Explore the applications in psychophysiology techniques and most widely-used psychophysiological measures
  • To introduce real-world use of specialized equipment for doing psychophysiological studies
  • To get the idea about psychophysiological measures in research


In all these ways and more, the field of psychophysiology is an emerging field that is majorly playing role in public health domain as well as basic and applied sciences including neurophysics and biomedical engineering. That is expected to enhances the quality of lives in sufferer and achieve sustainable development goals (SDG-2030) targeted by WHO through empowering scientists with the knowledge to explore the brain and body connections
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