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It is due to contemporary significance of psychophysiology in research and clinical settings that highlights its many contributions to the assessment and diagnosis of physical disorders. Moreover, in recent era of health sciences its role is well known in providing framework for extending psychophysiological insights to other areas of physiology and neuroscience e.g. Psychophysiology in sports sciences, psychophysiology in cardiology, Applied Psychophysiology, Nursing & Psychophysiology etc. We have proposed this initiative that can further take learners and associates globally to opt for technical and professional programs and can start their careers at entry-level positions working in research, clinical or community setups.

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Dr. Sadaf Ahmed, Ph.D. with expertise and interests in Psychophysiology and behavioural neuroscience serving as an Asst. Professor at Department of Physiology, University of Karachi. and also currently leading as chief executive officer at Advance Educational Institute & Research center (AEIRC).

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The conference is designed in such a way that the participants will have interaction with the exhibits and facilitators that will be a self-guiding exploration so that participants can delve deeper into the mysterious realm of our brain.

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